Monday, May 16, 2011

Lord Vader, your truck is ready

Dang me dang me... Talk about black black black. 5% tint all the way around. 20% of the windshield (yes, he knows it is illegal). Black inside and black outside. Right after I detailed it last fall he went and got black wheels and sent me a picture.

I told him the only thing left to do was smoke the tails and maybe tint the emblems. I sent him a photoshop idea of what it could look like.

I think I nailed it with that little photochop. Here is the final result after yesterday's cleaning and painting. It got the requisite wash and clay first. Then I polished it out with XMT1 and XMT Carnauba Glaze. I love that stuff.... He keeps the truck in good enough shape and he drove it little enough since I polished it last time, that this was all it needed to look terrific.

I used the VHT night shades on the lenses and this sweet black chrome paint on the emblems. I pulled off all the stock emblems and painted new ones he bought from the dealer. They have a slight blue tint to them and are definitely chrome and not just glossy black. They looked really great. I wanted to paint the reverse lights too, but couldn't figure out how to get those off. We are going to mask them off and cover up the rest of the truck and paint them next time. Now all that is left is to bake the headlights and fog lights and black out the chrome in there. Then it really would be a truck that Darth Vader would drive.


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